Heaven On A Crust



Ever smell clean sheets that have been hung on a line to dry? They smell of sunshine, fresh air and childhood. 

I remember the smell and feel of slightly crisp sheets which had been line dried by my grandmother. She's 
been gone 26 years, but I hang my own sheets out to remember the scent from those times. They bring back a 
few summertimes of childhood spent on the farm. Sometimes it was so hot that I'd lay on the floor with a pillow 
and doze, or get a blanket and go lay under the weeping willow that grandma had planted over the water line 
and didn't tell grandpa about. (Where you have no hoses and no one did back then, you needed a way to water.) 
Maybe grandpa knew, but I kind of doubt it. 

I remember going into the spring house (pump house? faulty memory of what it was called) because it had a 
concrete floor that had water in it to cool the milk before it went out, and it made it cool. So refreshing. I can 
close my eyes and smell bread rising, nearly ready to bake, and after being baked, I was given the end cut off 
it with real butter dripping on my fingers and brown sugar sprinkled on top of the butter. Heaven on a crust. 
I also taste the extra pie crust that was fried in butter and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon for a treat and 
WHAT a Treat !! 

When asked, I always say that I would not go back to re-live childhood for anything. It was a very trying 
time for me, but thinking back now, I believe I'd like to lay on a blanket under that willow and have heaven
 on a crust of bread one more time